We offer the possibility for hosting us for a private seminar where we can tailor the content and needs depending on your requirements. We specialise in movement habits,  movement related pain and foot function. Read below for an example of the seminars we hold:

An inspirational and insightful seminar that explores the functional purpose of the human foot and its anatomical and biological importance to the rest of the body in regards to postural stability and locomotor-skills. The seminar includes several analysis so that each individual gets an insight into the functionality of their feet and what they can do to improve. We will also discuss research, movement habits, common work-place/movement related injuries and pain.  

What you'll learn:

  • Anatomy and Biology 
  • Foot function
  • Practical movement- and mobility analysis
  • Plantar pressure-plate analysis
  • Research on foot function and functional movement
  • Movement habits
  • Movement and work-place related pain
  • Modern foot-pathologies 
  • Research on shoes.


  • For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.